Corporate Show

“You were wonderful. I loved every minute of it!” – Roseanne Cash

Over the years we’ve had many magicians from the Magic Castle at our company parties, but you were THE most entertaining we’ve EVER had! – Scott Baldwin, Canoga Park, ASPGS Software Company

“It was just a great show.” – Billy McComb, Legendary Magician, Magic Castle

“Not only was your show entertaining, you also have a great gift for working with people.” – Susan Swarthout, Museum of Television & Radio

“Your personality and character made the show. It was 55 minutes of pure fun and hysterics! I can’t remember having such a great time at my own party. The guests couldn’t thank me enough for having you come.” – Jeri Zimmer, Prudential Insurance Company

“Boy, were you ever good. You must be very proud. Your act was wonderful! Your sense of humor and brilliant wit is what made it a cut above any other acts I’ve seen.” Matt Masterman

“You were genius. I love everything you do!” – Lynda Resnick, Beverly Hills

Family Show

“It’s like a Disney movie where the parents get to enjoy it as much as the kids!” – Helane Harward

“A lot of people can do magic, but you’ve got the gift. You were VERY entertaining!” – Mike Taylor

“Anyone who can keep 20 eight-year-old boys spellbound, transfixed and entertained for an hour is truly a ‘magician’.” – John & Sue Pascoe

“You must hear it all the time, but your show is one of the rare birthday shows that entertains parents just as well as kids!” – Nina Zerman

“I don’t know who enjoyed it more the children or the parents!” – Sandee Hiyake

“Tim’s a great performer. The content in his show is great, but more impressive is his professionalism. A great attitude and his desire to make your performance his best is what stands out. Great work Tim! And continued success!” – Ernest Coronado